The GOLD partnership will produce the following results:

1 Mapping of the status and needs of old people

2 Collection of good practices on social inclusion and health maintenance of old aged people

3 Best GOLD practices that have been applied tested and verified within the partner organizations for the elderly, addressed also to educators-trainers-related professionals.

4 Short Videos from partner organizations’ experiences with projects concerning people of age 65+

The results of the project will be developed by partners during the project implementation and will be specifically created for:

Old people:

-will experience new methods of social inclusion, health maintenance and engagement in society and digital world through the training of their trainers

-will develop new social and digital competences and skills

Adult educators, professionals:

– will improve their skills by attending C1 and C2 training activities, get informed about best practices of “GOLD” and get a hands on experience on the best practices included in this project

– will increase their competences on social inclusion and health maintenance of old people through the material produced by the project

-will become aware of new tools to approach old people and this will have a great impact in their everyday life changing the perspective of their interaction with their relatives, friends, carers, health professionals and young volunteers.

Other stakeholders like NGOs, carers organizations, late-care institutions and venues, policy makers on 3rd age sector:

– will become aware of the good practices of “GOLD”

– will be provided by innovative good practices of GOLD which they can actively implement and approach the older generation.